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Vintage Art Forest Notebook

Made in the UK, this spiral bound notebook is FSC certified.

The notebook has blank pages but is supplied with a ruled card insert that can be seen when placed under a page.

105 x 150mm (w x h) 

Forest Notebook

SKU: NB017-A6
  • Date: 1909

    Origin: Bergerot Factory, Cysoing, France


    This family weaving firm traded for over 100 years but closed in 2010. The Bergerot Mill was a renowned weaver of high value fabrics with innovative weaving techniques. Large tapestry panels and Epingle styles were a speciality. Richard M R Smith who owned Bradford weaver E&S Smith ltd purchased this design (ref Ber 7598) in 2017 for his textile archive when the French Mill was being cleared for renovation.

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