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The Art behind Textile Point Paper

Before the advent of computer-aided design (CAD), drawings of woven textile patterns were translated by craftsmen onto special graph paper called point papers. It was these detailed point paper drawings that were then read by textile technicians who cut the weaving instruction cards that were placed onto the weaving looms.

To delight the curious, the Point Paper Art Company has selected designs from their archive collections to breathe new life into this historical textile craft. They are proud to bring the lost craft of point paper drawing and its beautiful art from textile history to a new audience.

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Our limited edition life-size prints replicate, as closely as possible, the original point paper textile document sizes from our archive.

 We have produced just 24 of each of our chosen designs giving you the chance of owning a fabulous piece of textile history that has a certain degree of exclusivity worldwide.

Your new artwork will not just be a stunning, decorative focal point, it will also create a fabulous topic for discussion for all who see it.

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