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Vintage Wall Art Aztec 2 Yellow

Printed on high quality 270grm cream card and supplied unframed.

Accompanied with a document explaining origin and history of the design.

Overall size 32 x 46cm (A3).

Internal image dimension 26.5 x 41cm (w x h)

Aztec 2 Yellow Point Paper

SKU: WA020
  • Date: 1900

    Origin: Koenig & Cie Factory,Alsace, France.


    The original point paper (ref MB12623) is from Koenig & Cie. This family weaving firm was founded in 1832 in St. Marie, Alsace. The family was a renowned weaver of high end innovative fabrics. The firm stayed in the family until sold in the 1960’s.

    The fabric style produced from the technical details was made of wool for furnishing fabric apparel garments such as Cloaks. The coloured 30mm ‘strip’ section was an integral part of the fabric. The ‘strips’ or ‘ribbon’ warp threads were thinner and set denser than the setting of the ground threads of the fabric repeating every 100mm across the width. 2 warp beams were required on the Jacquard loom that produced these styles of fabric.

    The Koenig archive came up for sale at Sotheby’s, London in 1996.  Bradford weaver E&S Smith ltd purchased this and other pieces.

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