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Vintage Wall Art Geo Villa

Printed on high quality 300grm Tinatone grosse tex card and supplied unframed.

Accompanied with a document explaining origin and history of the design.

Overall size: 32 x 46cm (A3)

Internal image dimension: 23.5 x 43cm (w x h)

Please note the print can be hung landscape or portrait.


Geo Villa Point Paper

SKU: WA056
  • Date: 1982

    Origin: Bradford, UK

    This design was created in two parts by furnishing fabric weaver E&S Smith, in 1982. The fabric created was initially designed for a warp that had an alternating coloured stripe planting using an end on end technique.  

    The Mills client wanted three different yet co-ordinating designs. The A (Geo Mosaic) version design was woven as an ‘all over’. Another design - version B (Geo Tile) was similar but included different shapes and was also woven as an all over. This third design was a checkerboard created by ‘marrying’ the two designs in the punched card cutting process.

    The Mill’s Client was dealing with a large refurbishment of a Hong Kong based Hotel Group. They loved the outcome, however an order for fabric never arrived! Sadly, advances in technology were impacting originators creativity as end customers in emerging countries sought out the most competitively priced producers! Thankfully the Mill managed to place this design woven on a one coloured furnishing fabric with a manufacturer of bed throws woven at 72 inch wide.


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