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Vintage Wall Art Lozenge

Printed on high quality 300grm Tinatone grosso tex card and supplied unframed.

Accompanied with a document explaining origin and history of the design.

Overall size 32 x 46cm (A3).

Internal image dimension 30 x 30.5cm (w x h)

Lozenge Point Paper

SKU: WA053
  • Date: 1973 

    Origin: Bradford, UK

    This 1970’s jazzy ‘lozenge’ style design (ref ESS1553) was part of a group of speculative designs created by furnishing fabric weaver E&S Smith, Bradford for a presentation to Manchester fabric wholesalers.

    The design house, Bentley Walbank in nearby Bingley was used to create the design point paper from a sketch of the design and to plot the weaves instructed. It is unknown where the artwork sketch originated. The punched cards for the loom were cut and laced at E&S Smith.

    For those with an interest in the weaving tech and quality of fabrics, the Northrop 4 colour shuttle loom used in 1973 to weave the fabric selected for this design had a 48-inch reed width with a single Dracup jacquard engine head with 288 pattern hooks and a setting of 60 ends per inch. The fabric width had a 10 over pattern repeat. With 176 cards in the length repeat and a pick ratio of 38 per inch the single pattern repeat of the fabric was 4.75inch wide x 4.6inch high


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