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Vintage Wall Art Sunburst

Printed on high quality 300grm Tinatone grosso tex card and supplied unframed.

Accompanied with a document explaining origin and history of the design.

Overall size 32 x 46cm (A3).

Internal image dimension 26.5 x 26.5cm (w x h)

Sunburst Point Paper

SKU: WA040
  • Date: 1954

    Origin: Bradford, UK.


    The original design for our print Sunburst (ref ESS1169) was drawn up at E&S Smith by head designer and company founder Mr Edward Smith. The fabric woven was a curtain ‘utility’ fabric made of Acetate and cotton. The end customer was Brown Vickers of Bradford.

    The 3 inch wide x 4 ¾ inch high design repeat fabric wove on a 48 inch wide Northrop shuttle loom with a Samuel Dracup Jacquard with 300 hooks. The running speed was set at 90 picks per inch which was considered quick in 1954.

    With 28 weft picks per inch this fabric would typically have been ordered in 20-piece lengths (60-yard cuts) per shade.

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