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Floral Colour Weave Grid Greeting Card

Made in the UK, the card is FSC certified.

Supplied with a white envelope and left blank inside to write your own message.

On the card reverse is a short description about point papers along with the artwork origin and date.

127 x 177mm (w x h)

Floral Colour Weave Grid Greeting Card

SKU: GC043
  • Date: June 1897

    Origin: Vanoutryve Factory, Roubaix, France.


    The Floral Colour Weave Grid greeting card is from the original point paper (ref VAN3794) from Roubaix, France. The point paper was purchased in Como, Italy in 2018 from part of a collection of the French weaver Vanoutryve archive.


    Vanoutryve were based in Roubaix. This artwork was drawn up by a J. Plaitain in June 1897. The point paper was 8(pick) x 6 (end) grid on paper made by Bellavone, Paris. There are 12 weaves used on the fabric which has 4 weft colours on a tapestry warp. The jacquard had 392 hooks and 340 picks in the repeat.


    The weaver used their harness set up 8487. This technical point paper design detail could enable Jacquard weavers today to reproduce this design on ‘their’ fabric.

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