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Life-size Vintage 70s Viola

Printed on 300gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper and supplied unframed.

Accompanied by a document explaining the origin and history of the design.

Measuring 43cm wide by 42.5cm high.

The print has an additional 2 cm plain border to facilitate your framer.

Vintage 70s Viola Point Paper

SKU: LS103
  • Date: Est 1976

    Origin: Bradford, UK


    This 1976-point paper (design ref 1619) was part of a group of speculative designs created by furnishing fabric weaver E&S Smith, Bradford. The original sketch artist is unknown but they did initial the artwork 'RW'.

    The design house, Bentley Walbank, in nearby Bingley was used to create the point paper from the sketch of the design and to plot the 6 weaves instructed.

    Details from the original work for this pattern state that it required 2 Jacquard engines 2/304 hooks to form the wide repeat. The timesheet for the conversion to punch cards (480 px) states 5 hours and 15 minutes, which was shared by 3 different ladies.

    The fabric quality was a slow weaving job, with a weft setting of 50 picks per inch on a shuttle loom that ran at 90 picks per minute!

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