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Half Size Wild Flowers Printed on 300gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper and supplied unframed.

Accompanied by a document explaining the origin and history of the design.

Measuring 41cm wide by 64cm high.

The print has an additional 2 cm plain border to facilitate your framer.

Wild Flowers Half-size Point Paper

SKU: HS093
  • Date: Est 1930s

    Origin: Bergerot Mill, Cysoing. France


    This brightly coloured ‘liserie’ tapestry work (ref Ber 10123) originates with French weaver Bergerot of Cysoing. The original point paper was acquired in 2017 when the factory in Cysoing was being renovated after the weaver had ceased trading a few years earlier.     

    Bergerot, which was founded in 1854, commissioned the original work with a local Flemish design studio in the mid-1930s.

    The point paper design BER 10123 has six separate panels of point paper that were read in sequence to produce the punched hole loom cards read by the Jacquard’s needles/hooks to form the woven pattern with the threads in the loom! We have scanned and joined up these panels to reproduce the ‘art’.

    Certainly, this technical asset would have been a revolution to the technicians who hand-painted each of the 1,536,000 squares that relate to the interlacing points in the design. (800 weft picks x1920warp ends)

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