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Life-size Dune

Printed on 300gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper and supplied unframed.

Accompanied by a document explaining the origin and history of the design.

Measuring 90cm wide by 144cm high.

The print has an additional 2 cm plain border to facilitate your framer.

Life-size Dune Point Paper

SKU: LS029
  • Date: 1989

    Origin: Bradford, UK


    The original point paper (ref ESS 2004) is from E&S Smith of Odsal Bradford. This family weaving firm was founded in 1935 and ceased trading in 2005.


    The company were Jacquard weavers and worked with numerous well-known furnishing fabric wholesalers and suppliers of flame retardant fabrics in hotels, hospitals and ships.


    The original artwork was drawn by Suzanne Bowen Morris for the Mill's end customer Jamasque fabrics of Parson Green, London. The technical point paper weave instruction was drawn up by renowned textile industry design firm Walbank and Parkin, Bradford.


    The original working title was Swirling Leaf, however, when the fabric was launched, it was renamed Dune and sold very well in 16 different tone-on-tone colour woven shades.


    The original point paper used for weaving measures 33x54 inches and has 1,440,000-point paper squares in the design repeat (1200 weft picks and 1200 pattern ends) 

    The fabric produced from these technical details was a 100% combed cotton fabric for furnishings.

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