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Limited Edition Life-Size Prints

LS029 Dune Life size lifestyle 2.jpg

Our limited edition life-size prints replicate, as closely as possible, the original point paper textile document sizes from our archive.

We have only produced 24 of each of our chosen designs giving you the chance of owning a fabulous piece of textile history that has a certain degree of exclusivity worldwide. Your new artwork, will not just be a stunning, decorative focal point, it will also create a fabulous topic for discussion for all who will see it.

Life-Size Point Paper Prints Explained

To create the ‘Life-size Art’ we have scanned each of the original point paper document sizes held in our archive. Some of our original point papers detail were only drawn as a quarter or a half design repeat. This saved drawing time. In our reproductions, we have joined the quarters or halves together to visualise a full repeat of the pattern, just as the card cutter who prepared the Jacquard loom cards would have repeated their reading of the point paper.

Framed Shield & Bowtie Life size print

In some instances, several point papers were required, usually 2-6 paper sets of point paper to prepare the punched loom cards to weave complex or large design repeats. There is something of an irony that the Computer-aided design (CAD) software we are using to create our life-size wall art designs were developed from the binary coding found on the point paper ‘art’.

As facsimile reproductions dictate, on our limited edition prints we have left blemishes, pencil notes and stains, where appropriate, so that you will see the ‘full picture’ that this original industry art depicts.

We print locally using a Giclee print process with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. They are printed on 300gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper which is a mould-made, traditional fine art paper with a special matt coating. It has a very mild structured surface and is acid-free, ideal for high quality digital fine art reproductions.

Our prints are supplied unframed so you have full control of the type and colour of frame you want for your art piece. Each print has an additional 2cm plain border to facilitate your framer. If you are preparing your frame style in advance, do not cut the mount border until you have received the print as some design annotations are outside the main design image and can create different preferences on where to lay up the mount if you want this detail covered or not.

One of our Shield & Bow Tie life-size prints delivered to its new home from the framers.

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