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Life-size Multi Colour Floral

Printed on 350gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper and supplied unframed.

Accompanied by a document explaining the origin and history of the design.

Measuring 108.5cm wide by 62.5cm high.

The print has an additional 2 cm plain border to facilitate your framer.

Multi Colour Floral Point Paper

SKU: LS012
  • Date: Est. 1926-35

    Origin: East Germany


    This design (ref AH3040) was ‘rediscovered’ after the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989.

    Family members, returning to their relatives’ Mill premises in East Germany found it in the design room at the old factory. The Mill had been locked and boarded up since it was left by their relatives who had fled the second World War. It is estimated that this design was drawn up between 1926 and 1935. The name of the original textile artist is unknown, a quite common situation with ‘industrial’ artworks.

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