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Vintage Art Yellow Red Pansy Notebook

Made in the UK, this spiral bound notebook is FSC certified.

The notebook has blank pages but is supplied with a ruled card insert that can be seen when placed under a page.

170 x 170mm (w x h)  


Yellow Red Pansy Notebook

  • Date: 1967

    Origin: E&S Smith Factory, Bradford, UK.


    Yellow Red Pansy (ref ESS1305) was drawn up by E&S Smith head designer Mr Alan Stringer with the help of his apprentice Mr Anthony Lee in 1967.


    The design is a 1960 style floral and probably influenced by Mr Lee, who went on from his short apprentice spell with Mr Stringer in Bradford to work in the USA. Here Tony worked and gained experience on new Textile CAD systems before returning to work and then buy H.H Calmon in Keighley, West Yorkshire in the late 1970’s.

    H.H Calmon became world leaders in the weaving of jacquard woven labels for the apparel and garment manufacturers. In the mid 1980’s, utilising CAD and new electronic Jacquard IT, Tony established small quick response satellite weaving centres in the emerging garment makers around the world. Whilst specifications of design (and labels) for high street UK retailers was created in the UK, mass market garment manufacturing was being sourced offshore. The prototype labels were approved from the UK based factory in Keighley, and then with the pressing of a button, the label designs weave files would be transmitted, as if by magic down the phone lines to remote weaving Mills across the Globe. The labels would be woven and delivered to the local garment makers, saving hours of transport delays. Fast fashion had arrived!

    A far cry from Tony’s apprentice days when he had to paint out every one of the 91,760 squares on his Yellow and Red Pansy design.

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