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Life-size Plinth

Printed on 350gsm Fujifilm Fine Art Etch Paper and supplied unframed.

Accompanied by a document explaining the origin and history of the design.

Measuring 48.5cm wide by 89cm high.

The print has an additional 2 cm plain border to facilitate your framer.

Plinth Point Paper

SKU: LS054
  • Date: Est 1968

    Origin: Bradford, UK


    Plinth (ref ESS 1313) was drawn up from a sketch ref 1031 at public designers Bentley Walbank, Bingley, West Yorkshire. We do not know who the artist or end customer was but the initials A.B reference the point paper painter and the initials B.H are a clue to who had cut the cards. The design was read twice for the 2 x 288 hook jacquard engines to create a star motif.

    E&S Smith chose a 1/4 weft sateen ground weave in the white area with two weave variations for the red wings. The smaller background areas had a 2/1 warp satin and the wings to the front of the motif were 4/1 warp satin. Details in the design book state that the warp was an end/end lay-up made of Vincel, a type of viscose with a cotton regular flat yarn and slub.  

    The Northrop loom had two Bradford made Samuel Dracup Jacquards above it. The harness had a set of 96 ends per inch with 8 repeats across the 48-inch width. To make a square star motif 6x6 -inch the 192 pattern weft cards were set with a 32 pick per inch gear.

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